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I would like to introduce the Shading Assistance Tool (SAT) in this post. This feature had been used a lot to to select colors for shading or to apply colors to light and shade in previous painting videos.

The image below was used with the consent of digital artist Haseb Khan. I asked him for permission to introduce his work with SAT. You can see his amazing works on the link below.
I met this rock painting work below on his YouTube video.
It’s my subjective standard, but among the similar rock painting videos, the level of completion of his work seemed far higher.All the lines and sides change properly and do not give you any time to be bored. So I think his videos definitely deserve more views 😊

His work is good enough in itself. I’m trying to create a variety of lights on this rock to show the function of SAT.

PAI currently only supports Adobe Animate. So in order to apply SAT to an image, you have to convert it into a vector. The image below is converted to vectors using Animate’s Trace Bitmap feature. So the quality is a bit lower than his original.
I will first apply the basic sun and skylight to this image. SAT can adjust the color of the sun, the light in the sky, and the surface. The light is about noon and the surface is almost the same as the original.
Next, it feels like 3 or 4 in the morning or afternoon. At this point, the sun’s altitude is lower than noon and the brightness drops slightly. And it’s going through the atmosphere thicker than noon, and in the process, shorter wavelengths will be eliminated and more reddish colors with longer wavelengths will survive. So the color of the sun gets closer to the yellow color.
Next is the feeling of a sunset called golden time. The sun’s altitude get much lowered and more reddish colors survive. So the sun gets closer to the orange color.
We’re not trying to do science 😃, so we can make it more interesting as below. In the example below, I also changed the color of the surface of the rock. This function can only be applied when your image is black and white.

In the next post, I’ll explain in more detail how to operate SAT.

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That’s it for this blog post. Happy painting!



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