The PAI Story

Everything I want to share with PAI


I was a little boy who wanted to paint well. But I never learned the proper way to paint well. So I was good at sketching, but I always messed up on painting. So painting was a mystery to me. And then my interest went to programming.

Game And Graphics

I was deeply fascinated with making games. That was the driving force that led me to programming for a long time. Over time, I wanted to make my own game, and I was in a situation where I had to paint again.

Vector Graphics

While I was thinking about my game graphic style, some amazing vector graphic works had impressed me a lot. So I decided to draw my game’s graphics based on vector graphic. That’s why PAI was created based on Flash.


Painting and color have been an old challenge for me. I’ve been very curious about how people who are good at painting choose that color. I’ve had a few years of in-depth research on color since I started digital painting. And the results are contained in PAI.


From a software developer’s point of view, graphic design wasn’t just artistic. It used to involve fairly repetitive tasks. I wanted to improve those inconveniences. PAI is designed to reduce the hassels  involved in each step of painting such as sketching, color selection and adjustment.

San Kim

I’m the one who wanted to paint well 🙂