Painting Assistant Extension

Lessen Hassel, Be More Creative

SBA Tool

Adjust Colors Without Hassles

Like using a joystick, you can choose a color or adjust the colors of the selected shapes.


Shade Assistant

Make Colors Considered Sun And Sky Color

You can easily adjust the amounts of the light and the strength of it by controlling slider bars.

Make Colors And Pour Them On The Surfaces

Shading Assistant Tool  will automatically color your grey-scale image with the colors you created. You can easily adjust the amounts of the light and the strength of it by controlling slider bars.


Two Big Light Sources

Those two lights are the foundation of your choices.

Color Wheel

Choose the color considering the light

Work with the Shade Assistant and Sky tools to bring Color Wheel to life.

Lessen Hassel, Be More Creative​

So That Your Choices Can Be More Focused On Art

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